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Don't take our word, take it from our customers!

Below you will find what some of our customers say about the crew at ACE....

"Hi Jeff & the crew at Ace Trikes, I just wanted to say Thank You all so very much for my recent conversion of my GL1800 to the Motor Trike Razor, of course color yellow. Thank you also so very much for the hotel ( Hampton Inn- GREAT!) recommendation and for taking the time to come to the train station ( TWICE) to pick me up for the transport to your place! Figures that the conductor forgot to tell me when to get off since they do not announce the stops. Anyhow, it was a joy to meet the crew who worked on my bike and for all of the help. As you could see, I was IN NEED of this trike conversion due to my leg and back injuries. I ended up driving the trike back home, even went over the GW bridge with her all while in heavy rains for the 6 hour ride home. ... Now I have to get a larger cover and a couple of new options that I have heard of for the Wing and Hopefully she will go for at least another 103,000 miles. Take care- if you are ever up my way feel free to call and stop on in!"
By: Reginald Baltic, CT

"Hello Jeff and everyone at Ace. Since you triked my Goldwing , my wife and I went on a trip to South Dakota ,Montana and Colorado and it was a blast !! We have taken many trips with our goldwings in the past , but with our new trike I must say it was our best and most comfortable ride we ever had.The 5200 mile trip was a great ride and I am sure we will top this trip soon. Great trike and great people at Ace.Best wishes to all. Randy from PA."
By: Randy Mohrsville, PA

"Jeff is a true gentleman to deal with, along with the crew. Steven B."
By: Steven Massapequa, NY

"This is my second trike from Ace Motorworks, this one a 2014 Gold Wing 1800, with a Motortrike conversion. Talk about a head turner! best riding Trike I ever had, best looking trike I've seen to date, anywhere! Dealing with Jeff, as usual, couldn't be more pleasant. Axle and John were just great, really good Tech's, did some modifications for me while I waited, and it was pretty late in the day. Jeff took the time to point out all of the differences with this from my last trike, and he's just so accommodating and knowledgeable, I never gave it a thought to have anyone else build my new ride! Thanks, Jeff!"
By: Paul Dunkirk, NY

"My conversion was done in the fall of 2013. After a motorcycle accident (rear ended by another motorcycle ) I lost confidence of having my wife ride with me on two wheels. Our choice was simple, convert to a trike or leave the sport. Great decision to convert. I found Ace Trike on the internet. Great reviews. I asked my local dealership for a referral. They handed me business card--Ace Trike. My wife and I went to their facility to get more info. The first person we met was Diane. She immediately took us into the workshop. We were blown away right away. Never looked back. Words that come to mind include "professional ", "organized", "pride", "caring", did I say professional? Then we met Jeff. He showed us our options. We selected Hannigan. It seemed right for our 2006 Goldwing. We were right. Now into our second year and couldn't be happier. "
By: Gregory Barnegat , NJ

"I have been riding 2 wheel motorcycles for over 40 years. Last year my health started catching up to me and I had open heart surgery. My wife rides with me most of the time and I was getting less and less sure of myself especially on uneven pavement, gravel etc and it was starting to bother me stoping at lights etc when my wife was on the back. I bought a 2014 Harley new at the end of 2013 and really liked the bike and had pretty much made up my mind that when the time came that I was uncertain about riding on two wheels ,rather than quit , I would look at having it converted. I had had some experience with a friend of mine who had his Bike converted at another Trike shop other than Ace and I searched the Internet looking for other options. I liked the look of the Roadsmith and contacted Jeff at Ace and went to visit ACE in Berlin New Jersey.. I was impressed right from the start, the personnel, the facility and the knowledge of the products they offer is second to none. The shop is well organized and an atmosphere of "How can we help you" is apparent from everyone at Ace. I have been back to Ace for some minor concerns and Jeff and his crew took care of all my concerns in an expeditious fashion. I am extremely happy with my decision to Trike the Roadsmith Way and also my decision to trust the task to Jeff and his crew and looking forward to many miles and smiles.."
By: Tom Millsboro, DE

"Jeff and his staff were very accommodating and very knowledgeable. My wife and I are very happy with our 2010 HD Ultra Limited trike (Motor Trike Conversion). We would highly recommend Ace Motor Works for any Trike conversions. Whenever I had a problem or wanted to add some accessories, Jeff was very accommodating. George and Mildred Kelly"
By: George Pennsauken, NJ
"I reached the point in my motorcycle journey that I needed to transition from two wheels to three. Jeff and his team made it happen painlessly and with a super result. My 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate has been transformed into an awesome three wheeled beast!"
By: Timothy Lansdale, PA

"Without a doubt one of the best investments in my bike riding future. With the last few years being health challenging I can ride with reassurance. My wife God bless her. Always has my well being in mind. So when we talked about having our Kawasaki Voyager converted to a trike. She was on board with having it done. The cost is not cheap. But when its all said and done you only get what you pay for! The quality and workmanship done by Jeff and the crew is just soooooo good! I have been riding bikes since I was 12 years old and now in these elder years I'm back to 3 wheeling. Some day when I make it home to those heavenly gates, I don't see myself returning to 2 wheels. I may just stay, "A KID ON MY TRIKE"! Thank You ACE Trike for making one more dream come true while I am on this side of heavens gates!"

"Hats off to Jeff and the crew.. Dropped off the bike in November. Even with the holidays in between, he deliver the trike back to me early January. Great guys to deal with. I'm a car dealer for the last 40 years and choose the right shop and I'm glad that I did. Great job! Thank you Jeff. Already have a couple of Friends who are interested in triking their bikes. My name is Eddy out of Westwood New Jersey. "
By: Edward Westwood , NJ

"Been riding motorcycles for the past 42 years, with my beautiful wife on the back. The past 20 years riding Honda Goldwings. In the past 2 years making our long trips to Texas, and a lot of southern states we were stopping at shops that trike motorcycles. I have a 2010 Goldwing which was one of the last bikes off the assembly line in Ohio. They did not make 2011 and the 2012s on are made in Japan. After all my research we have done we decided to go with ACE , AND BELEIVE ME it was a great choice. Jeff Miller and his professional technicians built me a beautiful trike with a Roadsmith HTS 1800 kit. It has all the bells and whistles. The customer service was second to none. When picking up the trike on 12/27/14 it was a beautiful 55deg. day. Jeff took all the time that I needed to go over the trike and gave me trike riding lessons to make sure I was comfortable with riding a trike to make the long trip home to Pa. I could of not ask for more. Thank you Jeff and Ace for a great trike. We have a South Dakota trip planned for this summer , and with my wife on the back I am sure we will be loving every minute riding our trike. THANKS AGAIN RANDY FROM PA."
By: Randy Mohrsville, PA

"I was very satisfied with the treatment I received at ACE Motor Works. All of the workers were very professional, and helpful. The time spent there was smooth and gratifying. I am extremely happy the work that was done on my bike. Thank you for exemplifying a superior costumer service experience."
By: Walter Bronx, NY

"I found the whole staff to be extremely attentive to my needs. Jeff and Diane kept everything going from a sales and design perspective and Pins and Rich made it come to life with their technical expertise. All my expectations were surpassed when I took delivery of the finished product. They told me to take it for a test drive for a few days and let them know how it did so my wife and I jumped on the trike and rode it from the Wilmington, DE area to the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts for six days and we had no issues what so ever. I cannot say enough good things about Jeff Miller and his team. I will recommend their services to anyone anytime."
By: Jeffrey Upper Chichester, PA
"Ace personal approach to me as a customer was the driving force that made me make a decision to have my Lehman conversion done by their trained techinian and mechanics. When I received my 2003 HD with the renegade conversion I was not surprised at all. I knew that they would do an excellent job and they really did. The two tone paintings done on the trike was superb. The trike was awesome. Kudos to Jeff Miller and his staff for a excellent job. I wear the ace shirts with pride when I ride my trike. Anyone thinking of converting their bikes to a trike you cannot go wrong having it done by Ace. "
By: Edgar Jersey city, NJ

"Excellent Product (CSC). Great people to work with. Overall great experience."
By: Anonymous North Wales, PA

"I highly recommend Ace Motorworks, Inc. in Berlin if you have ANY intentions regarding a trike. The entire staff are professional, reliable and courteous. I intended to do it myself, having been a shop instructor for decades and doing all kinds of conversions on both cars and bikes for years. However, I sat down with Jeff at Ace and we started talking. He is not a high-pressure salesman, and would have helped me do it myself. He was willing to answer any questions to help. I walked away from our 2nd meeting with the realization that he was a true bike-to-trike expert! So, I wanted to reach out to the bikers like me that do their own work, and tell you this: I met everyone at Ace. I toured the facility and even watched their work. The knowledge and expertise that I observed was too impressive to ignore. I contracted them to do the conversion and it was the best decision I could have made! I now ride a reliable one of a kind machine that looks and feels like a brand new vehicle and turns heads like a 10! The folks at Ace want their customers to keep in touch, stop back in, and if you have any questions or concerns they are there for you. Friends for life! "
By: Fred Berlin, NJ

"I would like to state it has been a long time since I have done business where the company your interested in working with understands customer service. The team at Ace Motorwork's were top notch and a pleasure to work with thru the whole process from identifying the kit, selecting options and thru the build. Jeff, Georginna and Axel all made it a pleasure. Also CSC and the technology that they offer and the kit they produced is top notch and I have received many compliments of my new Trike. Thank You Guys!"
By: Kurt Schnecksville, PA

"I decided that it was time to convert my 2000 BMW K1200LT to a trike, and after a lot of searching and procrastination, we took the bike to Jeff & the Guys at Ace Motorworks. The did an excellent job, and the fit and finish was better then expected, they answered all of my questions before and after the conversion directly and quickly. We are very pleased with Ace Motorworks, and have talked them up to everyone who sees the conversion. The K1200LT make a great looking trike, and we look forward to many more years of riding."
By: Tom Warwick, NY

"After riding Harley Davidson for over 40 years (currently owning 3 "two wheelers") and age creeping up on me, my wife and I rented a Harley Tri-Glide for a long weekend and were disappointed with the ride. After much research about trike conversions and discussions with my HD dealer, he recommended that I contact ACE MotorWorks. I meet with Diane and "young Richie", got a complete "educational tour" of their facility and left with a ton of info on various trike brands/ options. I scheduled a demo ride on Ace's 2008 ultra with the HDT Roadsmith kit. "Big Rich" met my wife and I on a Saturday morning and we set out on a test ride. 30 miles in to the ride I and my wife realized significant, positive differences between the Ace Trike and the HD Tri-Glide.75 miles in to it we were loving it and 150 miles later back at ACE's office we ordered the HDT Roadsmith kit with options. Then went out and bought a new 2013 HD Ultra Classic for Ace to build the trike with.Eight weeks later, Jeff and his crew delivered our trike in true, old fashion, American business style. And I must say it was more than I expected that it would be. Beautiful, perfectly MATCHING Metallic paint & pin stripping and Precision Craftsmanship down to the last detail. Ace certainly is a first class operation with a personal touch. We felt like we were the only customer they had, although the shop was very busy. Jeff and the crew have followed up with us regularly since delivery, even to advise us of a HD recall which may affect our Ultra (Harley didn't call!) We get on the Ace Trike and don't want to go back home! I'm certain that our "aging" riding crowd will all be Ace customers in the near future. Thank you Jeff and the Ace Team for being a big part of a dream come true for this biking couple."
By: Marty Delran, NJ

"Jeff & Dianne are terrific people .they answered all my questions and took their time with me & did a perfect job on converting my Harley to a trike with the csc conversion kit love it tony f ."
By: Tony Naugatuck, CT

"Great business...awesome experience!! I was really satisfied with the trike conversion service at Ace Trike....from start to finish....Mr Jeff Miller is a person who is a honor to do business with ! Awesome staff and professional techs. What a great feeling your not just a number...Made me feel like it was my first toy ...!!! Thanks Guys and Gals"
By: Chuck Mercerville, NJ

"Been riding for years but lately didn't have the same feeling about riding my 2008 Kawaski Vulcan 900 Custom as I have had in the past. My balance and reflexes weren't like they were when I was younger. I didn't want to give up riding so I thought about a trike conversion. I found ACE on line and boy am I glad I did!! They rep all of the major trike manufacturers and are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful pointing you in the right direction as to what kit would be the best fit for you and your bike. Jeff steered me to a Motor-Trike Avenger kit that fit me and my bike perfectly. Between Jeff and "Big" Rich all of the details were worked out and within a couple weeks I took my bike down to their facility. Met all involved including Pins, "Little" Rich, and the rest of the crew in the shop. Spent time with everyone and then kissed my bike goodbye and waited for the call to pick-up my trike. The call came right on time and I wasted no time in picking up the trike. What a shock!!! I never could have imagined how cool my bike looked and the sweetest ride on the planet... best thing since "canned beer." The whole group at ACE is top notch! I don't know if I'll ever need another trike, but you can be sure that I'll recommend ACE to anyone who is in the market for a great conversion experience. They surely are the BEST of all the rest. Regards, Bob Manner... Allentown PA "
By: Bob Allentown, PA

"I just took delivery of my Roadmaster HSC1500 conversion on my '98 Valkyrie Tourer. From start to finish, the folks at ACE were fabulous. I live in Texas, and my bike was in NJ, so Jeff arranged to pick it up for me. I made all the arrangements long distance, as I was unable to go to NJ. I trusted them all the way, even with sending large checks to some guys in NJ that I hadn't met... On arrival, my bike looked fantastic! Excellent work/craftmanship. They were in contact with me by phone throughout the process. I am very pleased with the outcome, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone to use ACE for their trike conversion! "
By: Bob Killeen, TX

"I triked out my V-Star 1100 and I have been head over heels for that trike since the minute it was done and delivered. I have done nothing but smile for the last week. The Tri-wing package is beautiful - a real head-turner. My friends at my local bike shop were very impressed at the thoughtful touches in the worksmanship. It is as mechanically sound and rider friendly as it is pretty to look at. I am looking forward to many happy miles - and smiles - triking around the USA. I highly recommend Ace, and can't say enough good things about Jeff Miller and Diane Schaible. Thank you to all my friends at Ace Motorworks for an amazing job. "
By: Dee Boylston, MA

"ACE MOTORWORKS is the best, from the start I could tell that I did choose the best to convert my bike to a trike, Jeff and Dianne took the time to get everything right from the start, and it was worth the wait for them to finish my trike. They took the time to call me and keep me in the loop on how the bike was going, they matched the color that I wanted to the "T". Thanks for all your help, and to the guys in the shop GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
By: Dan Philadelphia, PA

"My name is Mickey. Last year I went to Jeff to get a quote to have my Yamaha 2006 Royal Star Delux converted to a trike. I was already to move on the conversion but ended up in the hospital with problems with my heart. It took several months for me to get my health back on tract.. I originally wanted to have my bike conversion done due to my age (70) but the heart problem really made me move forward. One again I contacted Jeff Miller who in turn went right to work on my quote. A Hannigan Kit was ordered for my conversion and the wheels were put into motion. My conversion started in the middle of June and I had my bike back on June 29,2013 During the process of my conversion I stopped by several times to see what progress was being made. Each time I made a visit I was informed of everything that was going on and how it worded I can't say enough about the conversion the ACE Motorworks done on my Royal Star. I am prowd to tell people who ask about who did the conversion, Thank you Jeff, Rich, Axle and Diane. I too look forward to my relationship in the coming years with ACE Motorworks"
By: Clinton Tabernacle, NJ

"In looking for the trike of our choice, we selected the Roadsmith HDT kit. We have a 2008 Ultra and it so happened that ACE also had one for a demo. After riding the Harley Tri-glide and being very disappointed, it was like taking a magic carpet ride on the Roadsmith HDT with accu-ride and easy steer. Believe me folks this is one smooth riding trike kit. The craftsmanship of Jeff's people and the Roadsmith team at the factory will be hard to beat. They matched the two tone paint job and pinstripes perfectly. We could not be happier with our conversion. Janet and I both recommend anyone looking for a trike conversion take the time and visit Ace Motor Works. Ron & Janet Ocean City Maryland"
By: Ron & Janet Berlin, MD

"Broke my leg on a new 2012 full dresser and my wife Nancy said she was done riding. By chance, I called Ace and spoke to Jeff about a conversion. He was real helpful and convinced me that I would be happy with a Datona kit. Have not stopped riding.....thank you for the quality workmanship and paint job by Joe. From start to finish it was a pleasure. Joe Cappadona"
By: Joe Atlantic Highlands, NJ

"Well after riding about 50 years and at 65 it began to become a real task to lift the heavy Harley Road King to center to ride. Age was not so much a factor but I had some serious injuries working in my younger days as a Philadelphia Police officer. I retired from the P. D. in 1985 and enjoyed a career in engineering thereafter. When I decided to have my Road King converted to a trike it became a real mission to find a shop that that I felt confident to do the work. Especially because I had done some bike builds myself, but not knowledgeable in the field of Trikes. One of my biggest concerns was that I had a custom paint job done in California and feared that it could not be matched. I actually visited five different facilities. One of the shops was so disorganized that I walked out without speaking to anyone. When I meet Jeff he took me for a tour of the shop and introduced me to his mechanics. I was amazed how organized and clean the shop was. I was shown a mock model of the rear of the Road Smith, to explain the difference between the different rears and how the electric reverse worked. (Wow backing up with the push of the horn button is god sent) I also elected to have the Easy Steer Kit installed as per Jeff’s recommendation and glad I did. It proved itself to be a great option. They have a quality assurance program that is next to none. And no issue is too small for them to address for you. They have this great Gal named Diane that oversees the details as far as the office goes and believe me she is the best. Not to mention Rich and little Rich, who were relentless to solve any minor issues I had. The day Jeff delivered the trike I couldn’t believe the paint job, wow it was beyond my best expectations. You never feel like you’re a number, your family at Ace Motorworks. I have logged on over 500 miles having traveled from Philly to Maryland and as far north as Tobyhanna located in Monroe County in the Poconos’. I’ll tell you what my Road Smith stands out above anything out there. No matter where I go a crowd forms to look at it. I’m proud to wear my Ace Motorworks shirt, even after the build I still feel like part of the crew. My only regret is that I should have done this years ago. By: Frank Musselman Philadelphia, Pa. "
By: Frank Philadelphia, PA

"From my first visit to Ace Motorworks I could see this was a first class operation. The staff were very helpful and informative. I always considered buying a trike and after seeing what they could do I was sold. Thanks Jeff and all of your staff it has been a pleasure doing business with you and for the follow up letter and great shirt. Sam"
By: Sam mount ephraim, NJ

"After the decision to trike our pride and joy, finding the right shop to do the work was not an easy decision. With the helpful comments made by the Roadsmith people and friends, we chose ACE. It proved to be the right choice. Jeff and his staff could not have made this transformation any better. We are thrilled with the way our trike was built. The staff was excellent and they did not seem to mind our many trips to the shop to see the progress they were making. They were in constant communication with us about everything and made us feel a part of the build. We are especially happy with the pride they took in building our trike. Kudos to Jeff and the Staff. We wouldn't go anywhere else because ACE IS THE PLACE! Deems and Carol Morgan"
By: Deems & Carol Pennsville, NJ

"We wanted to wait to write this until we had put some miles on the trike and wait to see how it performed. If the ratings were above 5 they would get them. We were looking at different kits and Ace had several models there and we picked the Roadsmith kit. They sent us pictures as they were building it. They answered all our questions. We had several special additions installed and we just love our trike. We have put almost 17,000 miles of comfortable, relaxed riding on our dream machines. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we have done coast to coast and hit several conventions each year in different states. We will not go to a different shop for our bike to get worked on. We live in Maryland and make the time to take it back to Ace. We ride Goldwing(s) and our daughter's boyfriend has a Harley but our supplies and parts come from ACE! Christmas is easy. Their site meets all our needs. We have good friends in Jeff, Rich and little Rich and Diane. There is no 'dumb' questions, anything I think about, I can pick up the mouse and click and send them a question. I normally get an answer the same day and they are patient and understanding of my "non-equipment understanding of motorcycles and answer my questions. My husband gets the technical stuff and I ask the pretty questions: can we put some more lights here? or why does it do this? They make me feel comfortable and if we are up there, they take the time to point to a bike being worked on and answer my questions. This is the mark of a caring, quality, knowledgeable motorcycle business that cares for its customers. When we get our next new bike, if it is not a trike - it will go back to Ace to convert it. If we need parts, we shop here. All our friends are recommended to come here.... Way to go ACE. David & Debbie Sorrick"
By: Dave & Debbie Pylesville, MD

"Hi, I'm Bill Vogt. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 17!! After 3 years of back operations; The last major operation was this past January of 2012, along with arthritis in both knees. I was forced to make a decision whether to give up riding my Gold Wing, the lifestyle, and the great riding friends I have met. In order to keep that great feeling of riding, which I have come to love, I Triked my Gold Wing. After much research of all the conversion dealers, I decided to go with ACE Motorworks. The staff went above and beyond to satisfy you with their installation and customer service!!! So my thanks goes out to Jeff Miller, Diane,Rich and Motor Trike. Without them, this conversion would have never happened. "
By: Bill Sicklerville, NJ

"Jeff, Dianne and everyone at Ace Motor Works were a pleasure to work with. They did a fantastic job on my Roadsmith conversion to my Electra Glide Ultra Classic. I cannot say enough about the craftsmanship, the service, even the color matching of the paint was excellent. I only wish I had done this earlier than I did. The handling in the inclement weather on my ride home, was fantastic. I felt much more secure on the trike than on two wheels. Even my mechanic was impressed with conversion, and the craftsmanship. Thanks guys."
By: Joseph Sussex, NJ

"My recent BMW K1200LT/Hannigan conversion was due mainly to the extremely top heavy weight of the BMW. With two up riding and a fully loaded weight of 1300+ lbs., it was often too difficult to handle on 2 wheels at less than 5 MPH. This became a common occurrence at the end of a long trip. I chose Ace for my conversion after stopping by and talking with Rich and Jeff extensively about the conversion process and being impressed with their knowledge of conversions in addition to shop condition which was very clean and well organized. Diane was also helpful with updates once the procedure was started. Ace did an outstanding job and we are totally satisfied with the results. This conversion has made the ride so much more enjoyable for my wife and me. It’s just too cool when you’re in slow moving traffic or at a stop light that you can relax and enjoy the ride even with a fully loaded vehicle. "
By: Rob and Deb Vineland, NJ

"Great purchase, Great People! 2011 HD fat Boy Lo. CSC Love it !!! "
By: Steve Rocky Point, NY

"I recently had my 2001 Yamaha Roadstar outfitted with a Champion Trike Kit. I felt that a conversion was nesessary if I wanted to continue riding, as I recently had surgery on my back, along with a leg injury that was keeping me from riding after some 45 years. When I first spoke to Rich Sr, he went out of his way to answer my many questions. Rich gave me a quote, and I decided to move forward wih my conversion. I must say, I was not their easiest customer to please, but Rich kept smiling. Jeff, supplied me with a letter outlining my tentative finish date, and yep, I pushed to hold them to that date. To my surprise, they finished early. There were a couple of issues that came to light during the conversion, but Jeff assured me that he was going to get things right. The paint was a perfect match to the factory color, and the design features really came together making my Trike a real looker. I still have one issue pending, and again Jeff has assured me that everything will work out. As to the girls in the office, especially Diane,I must give her a great big thanks, because she was the one who kept me calm and constantly reassured me that everything was OK. As to young Rich, all I can say is that he is one great mechanic, with a brilliant motorcycle future ahead of him. My experience overall was great, and I could not have found a better company or group of people to serve my needs. I wish ACE Motorworks great success in the future. I will have no problem reccommending ACE to any of my friends who are considering a Trike conversion. Maybe now my wife will again ride with me. Thanks so much, Bob F. "
By: Robert (Bob) Williamstown, NJ

"For the past several years i have had some trouble riding my harley for any distance because of shoulder surgery so i decided to have a trike kit installed and boy am i pleased! I went on the internet and did some extensive research and i really liked the CSC Daytona.next i read all the testimonials i could find about shops that did installs and i decided Ace Motorworks was the one,and boy am i glad i went w/Ace!! on Dec. 26th. my wife Marie and i decided to drive from Tol. ohio to Acemotor works in new jersey.after spending a few hours with Jeff, big Rich,and little Rich, we knew we were at the right place.my Harley is an '06 ultra classic screaming eagle,with Four paint schemes so i wasn't sure if Jeffs paint man could match close enough to suit me.after assurance from Jeff that he had the utmost confidence in his painter and that we would let him do his thing, whe we went to pick up the bike on the day promised i was almost shocked at the beautiful results.I have had numerous comments that my trike is the nicest one they have ever seen, even in mags.and my wife and i definately agree! (can be seen in photo gallery,Bill and marie,ohio)all the folks @ Ace were very helpful and courteous when we called with a question,(and i did call pretty often) I think we received 5 star service from everyone,even after we brought the trike home, Jeff has called numerous times to make sure we are happy and all is well.Thanks again to all the crew including the wonderful gals in the office for a job well done.and oh yeah,even though i haven't got to put a whole lot of miles on the trike yet, my shoulders fill a whole lot better. not to mention i'm having trouble keeping my wife off of it long enough for me to ride,She loves riding it! Thanks again to Jeff and all of the great people @ Ace for making our trike and investment a real joy and also hats off to ace's paint specialist!!Bill and Marie. Tol,ohio"
By: Bill toledo, OH

"During this past winter I had my 2007 Harley Ultra converted to a trike. I have had the bike since new, but a problem with my right knee has caused me to seriously curtail my riding in the past year. It was a choice of either giving up the bike, or converting to three wheels. After considerable research, (and soul searching), I contacted Rich at Ace. He spent considerable time with me, understanding my situation, and without any sales pressure, provided me with all of the information I needed to make my decision. I looked over several different manufacturers conversions offered by Ace and decided on the Daytona by California Sidecar. Rich and Jeff kept me well informed all during the build and when I finally saw the finished product I was simply amazed! It is absolutely beautiful! I have waited a while to write this because I wanted to: 1)learn to ride it; 2)be sure I liked it. Well I did learn how to ride it, and I absolutely love it. All of my two-wheeled friends are very impressed as well. My wife and I can't wait to go out for a ride. I can not recommend Ace highly enough. They are professonal and sell a fantastic quality product. So if your ready for a trike, give them a call or stop by. I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years, and although riding a trike is different, believe me you will love it as much as I do."
By: Gabe Bridgewater, NJ

" I've been riding my Roadsmith conversion for over 500 miles since picking it up Jan. 11th. I have traveled all sorts of roads, ruff, smooth, Interstate, toll,Two up, with trailer, well I think you get the picture. This has been a lot of fun! I feel triking the bike has not hurt my riding enjoyment, true it is a different ride but not limiting. Sharon has remarked on how smooth the ride is and I taken her over some of Burlington Co's finest roads-LOL. I also found the Easy Steer a pleasant experience. I ride with fellow 2- wheel motorcyclist and keep up with no problem. Having the optional gas tank allows me to ride with the group and gas up when they do. I can't wait till March when I'll be joining fellow GWRRA members on the " 40 to Phoenix " run. I know this will be as much fun as last year only I'll be on my Trike ! See you on the road, Kit "
By: Kit Neptune, NJ

"I had my 2001 HD Ultra Classic converted to the CSC Daytona Trike with a complete color change. The conversion took a little longer than expected because the paint shop was backed up. Like an expecting father waiting and waiting.... Anyway trailer the bike home and began learning the transition. What few minor problems that I had were easily resolved. Jeff was always quick to respond to any inquiries or concern and Rich was real helpful too. Very satisfied with the end product and 9 days within taking possession the trike won 2 trophies in a local cruise (car/bike show) for Chamber's (of Commerce) Choice and Best Bike. Had a little more than 15,000 miles on the bike when I dropped it off and put less than 1,000 miles on it over the last 3 years. BUT in about 6 weeks since I picked the trike up I travelled about 1,250 miles so I am off to a good start. Now if the rain would only stop. Thanks ACE, oh and I like the shirt too. "
By: Bill Port Jervis, NY

"Could not ask for any better service during the conversion of my GL1500se. The workmanship is very, very good, the paint matches and the body work is lined up very well. The Trike Shop did an excelant job of puting together a Trike that has the ride of a Caddy Lemo. The ride and handling are to me better than any other trike that I have driven. My thanks to everyone at Ace Motorworks for a job well done. "
By: John Charles City, VA

"My Honda VTX 1300R Motor Trike needed some warranty work and the factory gave me the name of Ace Motor Works to do the work, when I called about the work the staff treated me as if I was a life long customer. They went right to work on my problem, all that I had to do was get the trike to them and they did the rest. Not only was their work of the highest quality it was done faster than they had told me. I was also having some trouble with the way the bike was running they took care of the problem got the bike running great and gave me some tips about the way to care for the bike.Their prices are great the staff are a real pleasure to deal with and from now on I will only take my trike to them for any work.I have told everyone about them and no problem recommending them to everyone.Thanks again for the great work."
By: Robert Hamilton, NJ

"Had my '08 Goldwing triked out, utilizing a Champion Trike Kit and it turned out awesome. Cannot beat the service at Ace Motorworks nor can you beat the price. No question that they have adapted to these difficult economic times and that they put the customer first. I continue to recommend them to all those I come into contact with. They promised a one week turn over and were on schedule. Stop in and see Rich. Bob Tesoroni, Jr."
By: Robert Millville, NJ

"Jeff, Rich and the Crew at Ace really came thru for me...My '08 Roadstar Motor Trike is the envy of everyone I meet...People haven't stopped asking where I had it done and asking for Rides! Thanks Guys! Don't forget to send everyone to TrikeTalk.com...We have our own Community!"
By: Ed Whitehouse Station, NJ

" Thank you Jeff and your crew at Ace Motorworks for building my trike (Triburg). It was so nice to deal with Jeff who was always there to answer all my questions. When I went to see my bike all the crew were so nice. I am so thrilled with my bike. They did such a beautiful job. I love driving it and its a real joy when people turn their heads as I go by. I can't express how I feel every time I go in the garage if I can't take it out I have to sit on it or just stand there and admire my bike. Thanks again to Jeff and his crew for building me a beautiful trike. "
By: Ginger Mercerville, NJ

"My next Trike will be a Goldwing or harley and Jeff and his crew will have the job. I was treated with the utmost respect and Richie in the shop explained the whole procedure. To an old man that was welcomed. Old Sarge Dick Simmons"
By: James H. Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

"I found Ace on ebay while looking for the DFT conversion kit. I have to admit I was nervous about buying the kit online vs. a local dealer. So I called and talked to Jeff and found him to be very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. I saved quite a bit by buying from Ace. The kit came as described and on time without a hitch. But the service didn't end there. I called Jeff a time or 2 with questions that either he answered or helped direct me to the right resource. I also found DFT to be a great company to deal with. When I wanted to put larger rims on the trike. I called the company and was put right through to an engineer who gave me the exact diameter, offset and tire sizing to fit perfect and stay at the right ratio. I can honestly say my experience with both of these companies has been a true pleasure and much better than I ever expected. The trike performs excellent. The suspension is by far superior to the Lehman's I've rode (even the new Harley trike). The directions for assembly are pretty straight forward with pictures to help make it easy. I will continue to do business with Ace and recommend them to all. Thanks Much, Mark Green Bay, WI "
By: Mark Green Bay, WI

"Found the place online, dealt with Jeff over the phone and via Email. Bought the Roadsmith Trike kit in black on a Honda VTX 1300. One HELL of a nice ride. I had crowds around it everywhere I stopped on the way home. Paula and Don took care of me when I got there to pick up the bike, and Ritchie the techie was good and knowledgeable about the Trike. All in all, a great experience. "
By: Paul Dunkirk, NY

"i had bearings go bad on this bike 4 times in 19k miles. the previous 3 who tried to fix the problem didnt. i dont know if it is a company default or not, but finally i found a place that actually cared about what i was going through and most of all cared about fixing my bike right. rich did a fantastic job from his communication with me and csc to working on the bike and explaining to me exactly what he did. i know if this bearing problem is just that a bearing problem i wont need them fixed again after being fixed at motorworks and if they break again they made me feel confident they will stand behind me ... to get the bike corrected. thank you so much guys know i have a place i will bring my trike for all its needs. an outstanding experience im a customer for life. thank you rich, pins and jeff for all you did see you in a 1000 miles. i will recommend u to everyone i know."
By: Anonymous Beachwood, NJ

"They are very experenced in building bikes and repairing them. Very friendly and explain the repair they made so that you can understand what was done to fix the problem you had with the bike."
By: John Charles City, VA


""Jeff and Rich were very helpful throughout the entire process for my Trike purchase. I would highly recommend Ace Motorworks for a Trike purchase and service. Thanks, guys.""
By: Mike Spring Lake , NY

"I recently purchase a 2003 Honda Valkyrie with only 500 miles on it. I was totally pumped at being able to acquire this bike, since it was nearly brand new 6 year old bike. I have owned many bikes over the years. In 1968 I bought my first bike - a Benelli 125cc two storke. I used it to commute to my job at Ginos Burgers. I was in college at the time. I then went through a bunch of bikes - a 175cc Honda scrambler, a 450 Honda scrambler, a Suzuki 1400cc cruiser, an 1800 Honda VTX. By then I had aged a bit and did not really have the strength to push around a bike that weighed over 750 lbs. I thought about buying a BRP Spyder - a 3 wheeled motorcycle - but there are almost no dealers around here and that would make ownership a pain. So I bought a Honda 250 Reflex which was a really nice scooter, easy to handle, but I felt bad about not having a "big" bike. So I bought a Suzuki 650 Burgman. That was a fast, great scooter. But it was a SCOOTER. I sold the 650 scooter and that very day when I got home with the check from selling the 650 Burgman, my Valkyrie was on e-Bay. I could not believe it. I always wanted a Valk, but Honda stopped making them in '03 (a really dumb thing). I knew it was meant for me to have that Valk, so I hit "Buy It Now" on the e-Bay site, because I did not want to lose it. The great thing was that the bike was at CH Honda, which is only a few miles from where I live and I know the folks at CH Honda well - I bought many of my bikes there. The thing was, it was a 750+lb bike and I had trouble handling the bike. I immediately thought of "Trikeing" the bike. I saw a lot of stuff on e-Bay - there was a kit that basically was an attachment that looked like training wheels - boy that would have been embarrasing to ride. So, I went on a long search on the internet and found a conversion kit in Texas. It had independent suspension and looked really cool. It was a very unique type of conversion kit - but one I could deffinitely not do myself. I asked the seller of the kit if they could reccommend a shop where I could get the job done, they could, unfortunately it was in Newark. So I went back to the internet an did a search of local shops that did conversions. I was so happy when I found ACE motorworks. It is less than 10 miles from my home. I spoke with Jeff and he agreed to take on the job. During the process Jeff and I had many, many communications by e-mail and by phone. The kit was a tough one to install. The seller of the kit stated that it could be done by any amateur in "an afternoon." Boy is that a big fib! Jeff and his great crew did a lot of modifications to the Valk. They did some painting and chroming and gave great suggestions - as if they were reading my mind. I purchased about a dozen pieces of chrome on e-Bay and took it to ACE about once a week for installation. The entire crew were increadible to work with. They always were encouraged and encouraging as the work proceeded. I feel like family with the people at ACE. As the time goes by I will continue to add chrome, lighting, etc. to my wonderful Tryke - work I will have done only at ACE. ACE is THE place to deal with for any conversions or other custom work to your bike. ACE is THE BEST. Period. ACE also has some beautiful finished trikes, if you want a Trike and you want it NOW. Check out my Tryke on their site. Although pictures cannot convey the beauty of their craftmanship. It is something you have to see in person. Peace and Love from am old hippie."
By: Steven Cherry Hill, NJ

"Well its been 3 months and 3,400 miles with my 2006 Ultra Classic/Roadsmith Trike. It has been a wonderful experience going from two wheels to three wheels. My wife (Becky) and I just came off a 1,800 mile trip and found the ride much more relaxing and less stressful. During our trip, I had a lot of lookers- biker and nonbikers. They were impress with the style, storage area, electric reverse, independent suspension, overall looks, and how the conversion was made with no modification to the bike itself (total bolt on installation). I could have sold it four times and two of them were Harley-Davidson Dealers. The installation by Ace Motorworks went smooth and very fast. They were very accommodating to my concerns of making sure all my existing accessories would work (true dual exhaust, passenger seat set back, and many others). I placed my order the end of December, delivered my bike to Ace January 27, picked up my trike February 22, and been riding every since. I did have a problem with the reverse and a phone call to Jeff and The Trike Shop corrected the problem within 2 weeks. I would recommend you to trike your bike if you have issues with holding your bike up after a long day of riding, making quick sharp slow turns, or feeling stressed and tired after a long ride. Triking your bike will assure you many more years of riding. I would suggest you do your research. Search the WEB to learn as much as you can about the various trike conversion kits available, check out the installers, go to their shops, ask questions to the owners and mechanics, and take that test ride. When you finish with your research, I’m sure you will end up at Ace Motorworks for the best in triking conversion for your bike."
By: Jerry Ocean Pines, MD

"I am glad that I made the conversion of my 99 Sportster 1200C. ACE Motorworks did a fantastic job. Thanks to some modifications the Dyna body was used. I had larger gas tank 2 in 1 exhaust and the hypercharger air filter. I made a trip to Myrtle Beach and back and the ride was very good and the trike performance was just great. I received a lot of favorable comments on the trike. I have no problem referring ACE Motorworks & D.F.T. Thanks again."
By: William Annandale, VA

"jeff was great in part i would buy parts from you again thanks for your help peter agnello"
By: peter churchville, NY

"I had been surfing the net looking for a trike conversion kit. I looked at several kits, and then I tried E-bay. on it was an item (Trike conversion kit) I found Ace Motorworks selling a Trike conversion kit. In the add there was a window that let me into Ace MotorWORKS LLC. A form with the picture was right there, this was the one I was looking for. I filled out the add and submitted it. within a day Rick from Ace called me and before I knew it I was setting up the purchase of the kit. Rick came to my home, picked my 2008 Harly Davidson up and took it to the shop. After about two weeks Rick called me and said it was done and he would bring it to my home the next day. When he opened the door of his trailer I couldn't believe my eyes. It was everything I wanted. It looked like it came from the factory like that. Rick took his time with me and showed me how everything worked. The only thing I wished that I had got was the easy steer kit with the kit. It is a world on difference riding it. Remember if you are smart and get a kit from Ace Motorworks LLC Get the Electric Reverse and the Easy Steer Kit. You wont be sorry. The only thing I can add is their professionalism. like an old lady I worried about my bike. I called and called to check on it. it didn't matter if I got Rick Or Jeff I was always treated with respect, they took their time and explained every step that they had taken and what they had to do next. Finally: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A TRIKE CONVERSION KIT FOR YOUR BIKE, YOU HAVE LOST OUT IF YOU DIDN'T GET IT FROM ACE MOTORWORKS LLC. THANK YOU RICK, JEFF AND THE ENTIRE ACE MOTORWORKS. Ron Krulock "
By: Ronald Whiteford, MD

"Knowledgable and friendly staff they treat you like they care about your bike as if it were there own"
By: glenn huntingdon valley, PA

"As of this writing, my conversion kit for my 06 HD Ultra Classic is on order. My experience with ACE has been extremely professional. I had set up a date with Jeff to visit his shop. The owner and the mechanic spent hours addressing all of my questions and concerns. I was very impressed with the shop, equipment, and service bay. With the conversation I had with them, they seem to be very knowledgeable about the Harley motorcycles including their ability to adopt the conversion kit and maintaining the already installed accessories. They took into consideration the time frame to have my trike for riding season. I will comment back when I receive my trike and let you know how the whole process went with my trike conversion. I am looking forward upon receiving my trike."
By: Gerald (Jerry) Ocean Pines, MD

"I truely had a wonderful experience talking with your sales and service dept. They are very detailed in the questions they ask in order to satisfy my particular needs and expectations of the items I was inquiring about. They nailed it right on the head. I will be back for more! Jeff is the man! Paula is not (: but equally as cool and helpful! What a great team! Customer service is excellent!! Thanks for all your PRO help. Charles C. N.Y."
By: Charles Newburgh, NY

"I was very happy with the level of service that I received. Jeff Miller was totally receptive considering that when I called, I was not aware that the dealer I purchased my trike from was no longer there, but I will continue to patrionize Ace Motorworks. Thank you"
By: Louise Trumbull, CT

".... Kit was perfect fit, paint job is a little off (of the original paint on bike) due to age of bike (1998 GL1500) and paint over fiberglass verses ABS Plastic. Built for wife and she loves it! CONS: It took over 2 months to get the kit shipped..."
By: Anonymous West Helena, AR